Function of shoes is protect yours feet

No matter how deeply you love the shoes, the function of shoes is protect yours feet, so when you wearing them out, it’s really difficult to avoid the dusty, touch or any other thing. At this moment, the way to cleaning them were totally important.

Black Leather Pointed Toe Pumps

Thinking about the leather material, we should also use the oil to maintaining them when you put them at some wet environment, or it will harmful to leather sandals, breaking the beautiful surface. That’s terrible. I can still remember that one of my friend always love to washing her sandals with water, then expose the sandals under the sun directly.

When meeting some really previous leather sandals, those shoes cannot wipe with any fabrics, no matter dry or wet one. Just forgot about touch water. Those sandals can only use the cleaning sponge, use it to clean the dusty on the surface and then use the same color oil to wipe them.


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