Affectionate memories is black leather jackets

The motorcycle riders once affiliated with Harley’s are changing to Street Bikes. But yet the majority still choose the leather, and even black over other colours such as brown. Leather provides durability unmatched by other fabrics favoured by those who ride their motorcycles.

Slim Fit Black Leather Blazer Jackets

Even as the New York designer sells their jackets, they are simple, and yet mainly thin. Something you would not discover hanging in your father or grandfathers closet. Think back to the films of James Dean. Many people might recognize the famous photograph of him standing next to his Porsche in his black leather jacket smoking a cigarette. It becomes quite hard to forget such images once you see them. Pilots have been known to wear black leather jackets. Made popular by movies, worn by rock and rollers, it is extremely hard not to stir up any memories while you think about these jackets.

Women Black Epaulets Jackets

Maybe your ex-boyfriend rode his motorcycle and with your face pressed against his back you would take in that distinguishing leather aroma. Beer filled concerts of rock and roll shows past with talent clothed in black leather.


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