CWMALLS style jacket is fashionable this season

Blazer tailored classic is very fashionable right now and can be worn over camisoles or tees for a classy evening look or over a smart blouse for work, meaning your day wardrobe can easily take you through the night as well.

Men's Lambskin Leather Trench Coat

Khaki is still the most popular color for the parka and it’s easy to see why – it goes with pretty much everything and suits everyone. The parka is loose and warm and zips up to your neck, keeping you warm. You can get padded versions as well as longer leather trench coats, which are great with skirt suits as well as more casual clothes. These coats are comfortable to wear and look fantastic done up with those iconic toggle buttons on display or left open to show off your winter wardrobe. They come in a range of colors and look great with any outfit, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying one jacket for work and another for casual use. Many of them come with embroidered trim in the style of real-life army jackets, and their great tailoring means you can be sure of looking brilliant no matter the occasion. These jackets look best in shades of khaki or other dark colors and are absolutely fantastic over cute tops on nights out.

Black Leather Trench Coat For Men

There are loads of styles to choose from and so we’ve put together this guide to the hottest jackets this season. It zips up to keep out the wind and is usually well-padded, meaning you can throw it on over a tee or sweater and still stay warm in style.


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