Genuine Leather Fur Coat and Law of Nature

Recently, I just find someone really hate about some genuine leather and fur products like fur lined coat and fur trim coat, or even leather jacket. I just want to say that that’s a totally normal material for clothes we wear. Which is know to all that 90% percent of clothing are made by truly leather or fur, and if all of what we wearing are made by manmade things, our environment will suffer more hurt than now!

women leather coat

Someone told me that we should stopping use real fur and genuine leather to manufacture clothing but almost forgot that if we just wear chemical raw materials, that’s will cause a more worse situation, think about the original source of this chemical and the result of them. If we can just taking into account all of these factors, you’ll find that take full use of this nature resource is the best way to protect them. And we never use some previous animal skin to produce clothing, just sheepskin, cowhide or rabbit fur, normally leather and fur, if you hate this, just pay no attention to them. But you have to admit that when you choosing to eat them, I just take full use of them.

leather blazer jacket

So we have to understand that we will never judge anyone or anything just by its surface, we should learn to understanding its inside. There are the best resources to produce jacket or coat in winter to keep our body warm. It’s the law of nature!


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