Fashion Trends of Fur Trimmed Leather Coat

After fur trimmed coat become the main fashion trends for ladies in this winter before Christmas, many different types of those coats appears, and in order to choose the best one fit for our size and style, we need to know the main classifications of them, so I just collect some of them and try to divided them into two part, not professional of course, but I believe this one will help someone who know less about fur trimmed coat.

fur trimmed coat

Fur trimmed down coat, this one can be the most classical type of this coat series. Actually you can learn something from its name, down coat always means long design style and when it match with fur trim, of course all of those fur are normal material like fox fur and raccoon fur or rabbit fur, most of the fur trimmed down coat just popular among ladies so that some designers just design the luxury style down coat in women style.

Fur trimmed leather jacket, own totally different outside look with fur trimmed down coat. Jackets are always in short style and this fur trimmed jacket actually looks a little similar with fur lined jacket, both of them own fur lined inside to keep warm and sheepskin or cowhide leather outside. Fur trimmed jacket add something more than fur lined one: most of them in large fur collar or special fur cuff.

fur trimmed leather coat

Thinking about the fashion trends in this winter, just release the Top Fashion Series and gathered many different type of fur trimmed coat in it then show to us. Always focus on this series and you’ll find the one fir for you perfectly. Top fashion series fur trimmed coat will turning into the most popular series recently!


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