Ladies Leather Hobo Bags from Tramp

After talking about the unique tote bags, maybe you will interest in the other special style called leather hobo bags, and I believe that if you are the fan of Coach and Prada, this kind of bags will be familiar with you. Obviously that leather hobo bag was one of the classical style leather this two famous brands. But what we talk about today are totally new type and design style of hobo bags series, CWMALLS own latest theory about this very nice bag!

leather hobo satchel bags

Leather hobo bags are always knows as moon bag due to its special shape. The first appears of this style was in some famous cartoon, there is a tramp called Hobo, and he always bring a bag oblique on his shoulder, this is the original appearance of hobo bags. And after that, a new bag named after Hobo called leather hobo bags become popular among us, the long shoulder strap really convenient to put it on shoulder. And most of those leather hobo bags are made by some soft material like leather, so that the leather hobo bags give us the feeling of baggy and comfortable. This is the most unique feature of leather hobo bags.

Leather Hobo Shoulder Bags

Even though that the prototypes of leather hobo bag are from tramp: there are always use some strap fasten on their bags to bring something. But until now, the leather hobo bags already become one behalf of fashion leather bags series. So if you fall in love with leather hobo bags, you can find it at Provides best quality and fashion designer leather hobo bags online for everyone!


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