Even designers feel confused about women leather bags

Fashion ladies will never always focus on anything for long time, so that designers have to try their best to design many unique style bags to sacrifice the need of top fashion women. Actually leather bags series can be the most typical example for us to learn about the idea of designers, think about the all kinds of bags for women: satchel bags, tote bags, handbags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, shopper, drawstring, weekender, duffle bags, messenger bags and backpack.

Orange Leather Shoulder Bags

Why so many designers rack their brains to design so many nice and really useful and fashion style in bags field? The main reason can be the truly needed of those accessories, and almost all of those bags type are own their unique and only fans team. But as far as I know that not everyone can really understand the difference among so many types of bags. Satchel bags and shoulder bags for example, both of them own long shoulder strap and soft raw material, actually leather shoulder bags looks more casual then satchel bags, and also own longer strap than satchel. Shoulder bags always used by women, but leather satchels really popular among gentleman. And leather shoulder bags never limited in its body shape, which is known to all that satchels are always in east/west or so called transverse shape, but shoulder bags can designed into north/south style. I believe this is the main difference of shoulder bags with satchel bags.

Designer Leather Shoulder Handbags

Of course that there are still have many same types in this complex field and I believe most of us also feel puzzled about the different style of leather bags. But actually most of those bags are never own a particular style, so that designers can free play in it and that’s no wonder we can hardly understand them!


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