Popular winter down padded coat

If you can only choose one style of winter coat in this season, which one can be yours first choice? There are many difference perfect style of warm winter coat to choose, fur lined leather coat, fur trimmed winter coat, quilted leather jacket or some padded warm coat, and for me, I will focus on the down coat series, because this down coat almost contains all features of all kinds of winter coat.

Black Padded Down Winter Coat Leather padded down coat

Actually leather down coat start to become popular among some Asia countries at first, Japan and China for example. And when these style winter coats step into the Europe market, it wins unpredictable success. Down coat was designed for some Asia countries firstly, so most of people will worried about the size of them, think about the height and weight of some Asian, but designers had solved this problem and you can choose any size perfect with you. Down coat always connected with padded coat, similar appearance and style actually, so padded down coat also fit for wear in this cold winter season. And when you wear a genuine sheepskin or cowhide leather upper down padded coat, you’ll never afraid of cold weather any more!

Pink/Black Padded Down Peacoat Women long down coat

Fur trimmed down coat really among ladies recently. And the large fur trimmed collar is the symbol of this series. Maybe lightly heavier than the average, but it can ensure the warm of us! If you like double breasted design style, down peacoat will be yours favorite!


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