Winter down coat and quilted jacket

When we try to choose a nice winter clothing we can hardly take all aspects into account, become the most important one is warm. So most of the winter wearing are bloated and looks not cool at all. Of course if you choose some fur lined leather coat for men or fur trimmed coat for women can be nice, but today, I want to introduce another type of winter coats/jackets, quilted leather jackets and padded winter down coat always very great!

black quilted mens leather coat Mens quilted leather jacket

Actually quilted leather jackets and padded leather down coat looks really similar, and if you do not know more about winter dress, maybe you will feel puzzled about how to distinguish with them. It’s simple actually, padded down coat looks a little fat than quilted one, and sometimes quilted leather jacket looks like can also wear in autumn or spring season. But when we still stay in this cold season, padded down coat or quilted leather jacket is one of the best choices or you. Take full use of some warm materials, use warm 100% polyester lining to lock the temperature then use genuine sheepskin/cowhide leather upper or shell or upper. All of those consist of those really warm padded down coats or quilted leather jackets for us to wear in this winter.

black down padded winter coat Padded winter down coat

By the way, wear quilted leather jacket or padded down coat in this winter will never makes you looks bloated and fat. And they own nice effect of keep warm even better than some cotton clothes. CWMALLS,COM is the guarantee of best quality and nice service!


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