Leather jackets and coats for men

There are so many different types of clothes for men, and I just want to share something I know about leather jackets and coats. I believe most of us will feel puzzled about the species of leather jackets and coats. Maybe you ever heard about the fur lined coat, quilted leather jacket, down coat, leather trench coat and leather blazers, I’d like to write something about them here.

Fur lined leather coat, which is known to all that this style are the perfect dresses to wear in winter, and fur lined leather coat always with lamb fur or any other fur lining and some genuine cowhide or sheepskin leather upper. Fur lined coat always in high price actually, so that not everyone can own it!

Fur Lined Lambskin Leather Jacket

Quilted leather jacket, sometimes looks like down coat, but they own totally different appearance. Quilted leather jacket always in diamond, and down coat in rectangle actually; and quilted leather jacket looks much refinement than down coat.

mens black leather down coat

Leather trench coat can be recognized easily, long type and slim design, and much lighter than general clothing.

Leather blazers look similar with formal suit actually, but it made of genuine leather, and sometimes looks not as formal as suit, but more leisure!

Sometimes I also feel confused about those different types too, but after learn more about them, maybe you can distinguish with them finally.


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