Categories of leather jackets and coats

It’s really important to learn enough knowledge about the category of something you love, especially the dress you love. For me, leather jackets or coats for example, I really feel puzzled about the type or so called the species of them. At first I never thought that there are so many categories those clothes have, and now I know that I was so foolish!

Brown Sheepskin Fur Lined Trench Coat

Leather jackets, after check it on google, I start to know I can hardly totally understand this special style. Some famous brands have their unique design style and then give them a unique name, so that it created some types already! Then you will find that even different material can made different style jackets. If you use sheepskin or cowhide, some classical jacket like motorcycle jacket appears; then if you choose shearling or any others, some warm style winter jackets or coats appears. And some jackets named by its shape, such as cropped leather jacket, always designed for women, with short and slim style, cropped design. And large size or plus size jackets also very popular among some big guys! Quilted jacket if you ever heard about it, also named after its special shape and production process.

Black Beaver Fur Lined Sheepskin Leather Coat

So this is why I feel really crazy about those kinds dress, sometimes also very puzzled about the bags for us actually, but I just want to talk about jackets or coats at this time, maybe next time, after I can totally understand the meaning of leather jackets, I will try my best to start to learn about bags for us one day!


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