Personally love leather barrel bags

If you are the totally fan of leather bags for women, you will never just focus on only one side of them, you have to understand all kind of details about that, material for example. But what I want to talk about today is the shape of them, and do not forget that shape is one of the important surface of women bags.

women red leather barrel bags women red leather barrel bags

I used to write some words about trapezoid bags and actually trapezoid is only one kind of shapes about women bags. Someone love barrel bags very much due to its cute style and not as large as trapezoid bags sometimes. Own special shape makes leather barrel bags never limited in unique material, you can not only find one of them in soft-sided material, but also stiff material. And if you like leather barrel bags, I believe you will also like leather bucket bags. Own similar outside look with barrel bags, bucket bags always connected with drawstring bags, just have the function with its name. The only difference between barrel bags and bucket bags is the position of them: barrel bags in west-east shape and bucket bags in south-north shape!

women red leather bags women red leather bags

Personally love leather barrel bags more than bucket bags actually and sometimes bucket bags looks more like a backpack in my opinion. Even though both of them are not the most popular types of women bags nowadays but I will still be the fan of barrel bags!


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