Tell the difference among leather bags

Most of us cannot distinguish the satchel bags with hobo bags as far as I know and actually there are so many kinds of leather bags for women and not everyone can totally understand the difference among them. Focus on the leather bags series, we can divide women bags into many parts, and maybe this can help us learn more details about them.

Women's Rose Waxed Leather Satchel Bags

Women’s Rose Waxed Leather Satchel Bags

Even though leather tote bag always in large size and this is also the main feature of totes, it can bring much more things than hobo and satchels. But when totes have some petite and medium size, we can hardly tell the difference with the others types. The unique method I recognize hobos and satchels is whether the bag own a shoulder strap, no matter the strap can adjust or detach or not! Because of hobo and satchels own many same features nowadays: soft-sided and both of them can be used as shoulder bags. But satchel bags was changed from school bags in England in my opinion, so it always match with shoulder strap, but not the same as messenger bags, maybe not as long as messengers. And leather hobo bags designed with classical half moon style, so if you saw a bag in soft-sided and shoulder strap, its satchels; or will be leather hobo bags!

Women's Crocodile Embossed Red Leather Hobo Handbags

Women’s Crocodile Embossed Red Leather Hobo Handbags

This is my way to understanding satchels and hobos, not accurate obviously, but if you are a freshman in choosing a useful bag with you, just follow my way and I believe this is the easily way to help you got a favorite leather bag!


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