Genuine leather loafers shoes

Leather loafers, always with casual style and even though own the same surface and shape with classical leather shoes for men, but also owns its unique features, soft material for example, and as far as I know most of them own lace up actually. If you want to choose casual shoes for men, loafers can be the best choice in my opinion.

Brown lace up leather loafers shoes

Brown lace up leather loafers shoes

Know more and more details about the one you are going to choose can be the most important things before you make a decision. When choosing leather loafers for men, you have three parts must noticed: upper, sole and insole. Upper stand for the surface of this loafers, and most of leather loafers for men are in cowhide leather upper, some of them in sheepskin, but cowhide leather own better quality than sheepskin in my opinion. In order to make the loafers wears more comfortable, designers take full useful of the rubber as the sole to light weight, personally love this design very much. And if you want to wear it in some low temperature season, you should also pay attention to the insole of those loafers shoes, so that we need to check the insole of them, pigskin was the most popular material to be insole, also in soft touch.

Lace up Leather Oxford Shoes

Lace up Leather Oxford Shoes

When adding lace up to leather loafers shoes, it looks similar with some sport shoes in my opinion, and this is why I called loafers casual style shoes. You can wear in it some casual party, but also in formal place. Leather loafers for men will become the most comfort leather shoes for you!


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