Formal leather shoes and casual loafers

When you stay in different age, you will love different types of shoes. When you are a little boy, maybe sport shoes because the comfort feeling and wide space, but after you become more and more mature, most of us will love leather shoes instead of some sport shoes, we need to take part in some different occasion and leather shoes almost fit for all of them.

Black Patent Leather Dress Shoes

Black Patent Leather Dress Shoes

Even leather shoes can divide into two parts: formal style and casual style. Formal style leather shoes are so called work shoes and always in some retro or so called vintage color such as black and dark brown, personally love it very much! Maybe you still know the other style casual leather shoes and so called leather loafers, if you never wear leather loafers before, you will have no any feeling about it. But leather loafers own totally difference shape and function with formal leather shoes, loafers always made by soft material and it also own many types, like boat shoes and driving shoes. Generally speaking, leather loafers designed with slip resistant and also own many colors, sky blue, wine red, navy green and may others. In a word, leather loafers own all of the advantage of formal leather shoes!

Mens Leather Flat Boat Shoes

Mens Leather Flat Boat Shoes

Leather boat shoes and driving loafers used to be my favorite shoes types, and you can even treat them as sneakers when you stay at home. Of course leather loafers also own many other famous types but today, I just want to write some words about what I have said before, leather shoes and loafers shoes will never end!


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