Evening Clutch Bag

Size of leather bags means a lot and large size bags we called it leather tote bags (of course it also have medium size tote bags); medium size bags always called hobo bags or satchel bags and any others, because most of the leather bags are medium size, but do you know anything about tiny size or so called petite bags? That’s leather clutch bags!

Rose leather clutch bags

Rose leather clutch bags

Leather clutch bags also called evening bags and if you do not understand the meaning clutch, I believe you can understand the word “evening” easily, just as its name, evening bags always used in some occasion like night party and banquet, so that those types of leather bags have to satisfied some conditions. Tiny size can be the most important element, the bags with petite style used in those occasions was just garment and do not need to have enough space to bring something. So that most of the clutch bags (evening bags) looks really cute and the word petite is a great description of them! Clutch bags sometimes become the symbol of noble and charm, so the best quality leather materials are must needed. And the pattern on the surface of those bags also very important!

Blue clutch shoulder bags

Blue clutch shoulder bags

Personally like the python print pattern very much, and thinking about the whole area of those tiny bags, we can hardly adding enough nice patterns on it, so that choose the perfect pattern means a lot and all of those make leather clutch bags looks so charming!


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