Crossbody Bags and Messenger Bags

Something own same style with leather shoulder bags, maybe a little longer than shoulder bags on the shoulder strap, so that the strap can cross body, then named those bags as cross body leather bags. Actually own same function with leather messenger bags, but for me, leather crossbody bags are used by women, and men always use leather messenger bags.

Women leather crossbody bags

Women leather crossbody bags

Think about this, when you want to going shopping or travel in some crowding place, which kinds of leather bags will you bring? A tote bag? Yes, if you want to use it to hold something you buy. A hobo bag? That’s not very convenient to bring something must needed. So in my opinion, leather crossbody bags are designed in those occasions, the long strap can provide you more free space and free hand to do something and crossbody can also be a nice garment. It looks not only casual but also pretty cool. So what about leather messenger bags? I have said that messenger bag own the similar function and appears with cross body bag, but actually you can use cross body as a handbag because it designed with double handle as far as I know, but messenger can only used as messenger bag!

Mens brown leather messenger bags

Mens brown leather messenger bags

Long strap can be the most obviously feature of crossbody and messenger bags, and those bags also not as big as tote bags or hobo bags, medium size actually. So crossbody messenger bags can be the most fashion casual style leather bags for us!


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