Fashion Leather Pumps Shoes

We have talk so many topics about leather jacket, leather coat, leather bags and even leather shoes for men, winter boots for women, but seems that I lost the most important type of shoes for women, this is the symbol for women sometimes and this one is also the must needed footwear for fashion ladies season after winter, the pumps!

designer leather pumps shoes

designer leather pumps shoes

Most of people will ask why not high heels? Ok, even though there are so many same features between pumps shoes and high heels, but I still want to said that both of them own their unique design style and features. So which kinds of heels shoes we can call it pumps shoes? If you know the history of pumps you will know that pumps comes from the British English and as far as I know, the heels of pumps not as high as high heels shoes, 2.7 inch heel height usually, and when talking about the toe of those pumps shoes, there are three types generally: open toe (peep toe sometimes), bow toe and round toe, for different seasons of course, and one famous style of pumps shoes with red sole or red bottom also really popular, fashion design pumps shoes in my opinion!

women black leather pumps

women black leather pumps

Types of leather pumps shoes also pretty rich and colorful and as far as I know all if those types of pumps for women also fit for this spring season, pick some fashion style and colorful leather shoes right now, you will get more than you can thought!


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