5.5 Inch Heels Height Stiletto Shoes

The most special features of women leather shoes can be their unique heels, and maybe you want to tell me that there are also have some special leather shoes for men designed with heels actually. Ok, then what about leather stiletto shoes? As far as I know, heels like stiletto are the exclusive for women.

purple stiletto platform shoes

purple stiletto platform shoes

For me, high heels leather shoes can be my favorite in the women shoes field. And even high heels can divide into two parts: thick heel and stiletto heel. Which is known to all that thick heels always used in some pretty nice winter boots for women, and those shoes can only wear in winter season(that’s really a great design actually). But if you put those thick heels in sexy spring or summer season, that’s not very nice, when step into spring or summer, is the world of stiletto heels shoes. And the colorful stiletto heel platform shoes is the most amazing heels shoes in my opinion, all of those stiletto heels platform shoes are always designed with bright color, that’s why so many young ladies love this type, and when they have to choose a heels between stiletto heel platform shoes and pumps shoes, platform shoes absolutely be the first choice!

black high heels shoes

black high heels shoes

Most of the stiletto heel platform shoes are designed in round toe, this makes those shoes wear more comfort than the others, and 5.5 inch heel height can also make those shoes looks more noble and sexy, just enjoy those nice stiletto shoes right now!


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