Unusual Features of Leather Shoes

Both of them are pretty nice leather shoes for women, and if you ever wear them you will find that there are so similar with each other if you pay no attention to their colors and design style. So what are the difference between leather dress shoes and oxford shoes? Before we talk about this, we have to learn about them at first!

mens leather loafers flat shoes

mens leather loafers flat shoes

The features of leather oxford shoes are unusual with formal leather shoes for men, even though oxford shoes always used as footwear for some business man, but oxford shoes looks more casual sometimes. Laced up is the must needed conditions for leather oxford shoes, genuine leather of course and most of leather oxford shoes are in black and brown and there are the main colors of mens leather shoes actually. But leather dress shoes are never limited in color, just like its name, dress shoes always wear in some special occasions, and most of dress shoes are colorful, made by patent leather at least, this makes leather dress shoes looks more attractive than basic leather shoes like what we talk about now, leather oxford shoes. So that maybe some normal gentlemen will never wear leather dress shoes in my opinion.

black leather boots shoes

black leather boots shoes

So that leather dress shoes and leather oxford shoes are always wear in totally different occasions and each time when we talk about the leather shoes for men, we will always talk about those two types of genuine cowhide leather shoes.


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