Size of Leather High Heels Shoes

Most of fashion ladies own more than just a pair of leather high heels to wear and those heels shoes can wear in many season, this means high heels own at least two types to wear in summer and winter season. And every women love heels shoes, but I believe most of them all feel puzzled about one problem, the size of those leather high heels shoes.

bow front pumps shoes

bow front pumps shoes

This is really a difficult question actually, every woman own their unique foot size and choose a perfect shoes even more difficult than choose a nice jacket or coat. Think about that, most of leather jacket are normal size and maybe you should only just pay more attention on the shoulder size, some factors like chest and waist are not very important actually. And even though you choose a wrong size, you can just wear it, that’s not a big deal, but if you choose a wrong size about shoes especially heels shoes, I believe you will never wear that, because all of our weight are concentrated on our foot, wrong size shoes will make you feel really uncomforted. So I just found a perfect size and some data about the leather high heels shoes for women, here it is: heel height 5.5 inch; 1.38 inch platform height and size 3.15 inch width.

Women high heels shoes

Women high heels shoes

So when you pay attention on the data I just provided below, you can just follow them then choose some perfect heels shoes which fit for yours foot perfectly. Pair of right size shoes will make you feel really great!


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