Heavy or Lightweight Sheepskin Jackets

Every time I try to find some words like fabulous, fashion, cool, soft shell, comfortable, chic and another others similar with them to describe those vintage sheepskin coats and jackets UK, I know even though there are the best words I know but can still show my feeling about the absolutely correct, because you can only wear them to understand how amazing and warm there are!

Click the image below to view them in cwmalls.com!

Mens Sheepskin Jacket uk

Mens Sheepskin Jacket uk

For someone who never own those sheepskin jackets and coats before, and the first view of them are their shape and size, maybe you think there are too heavy to wear them in this spring season. I can totally understand that, but I have to say that those coats or jackets are not as heavy as you think. I cannot use the word lightweight to them because that’s not true, those clothes are just same with normal coats, no more heavy or no more heavy. Take full use of best quality genuine sheepskin or cowhide leather as shell (this is what so called soft shell) and real lamb fur lined inside (polyester cannot have the same effect with lamb fur in keeping warm), this is the top secret of those sheepskin coats and jackets!

Gray Sheepskin Coat uk

Gray Sheepskin Coat uk

There are so many areas still pretty cold nowadays as far as I know and for some North countries like Canada and Russia, USA’s state Alaska, stay with winter until now. And Southern Hemisphere almost steps into fall slowly, so if you love those sheepskin jackets and coats, try them right now!


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