Pick up your backpack and go on a journey

As the pace of life gets faster and faster, how long haven’t you gone on a journey alone or with your friends or families? Travel is a good way to relax yourself, broaden your horizon and make new friends. If you are single, you may come across the sweetheart of your life fortunately. If you travel with your friends or families, you can understand one another more and promote the mutual feelings. Besides, it also benefits your health versus your staying indoors.

Since travel has so many advantages, it is quite important for us to make a good preparation for it. A journey has several forms: climbing mountains, going sightseeing, camping, going cycling, exploration and so on. However, what you need in all kinds of journeys is the same——a travel backpack. A suitable travel backpack should be capacious enough at first. Then it ought to be comfortable for us to shoulder, which means the straps shouldn’t be too thin. It would be better if it’s waterproof in case of rainy days. Together with a fashionable and personalized appearance, it could be a perfect travel backpack.


I have ever seen a travel backpack which left a profound impression on me. It is produced by CWMALLS COMMODITY, an online shopping site, which is committed to manufacture original and stylish commodities. This travel backpack is of excellent design and can meet all your needs. Firstly, it’s high-capacity and you can put all things you need into it. In addition, it’s made from natural genuine full grain calfskin leather that is soft, glossy and waterproof. Furthermore, it has some unique designs: it can not only close as the upper picture, but also as the below picture; the belt in the middle is just like the watch strap which can adjust at any time according to your demand; the back of it are one patch pocket and one zipper pocket filling your special needs.

All in all, it’s a practical and fashionable travel backpack which can become a travelling essential. It is time to pick up a travel backpack and go on a journey for your both physical and mental health!

More details of this designer leather backpack and other leather products can refer to CWMALLS COMMODITY (m.cmwalls.com).


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