Be distinctive from ordinary leather jacket wearers

As the weather gets warmer and warmer in the northern hemisphere, people begin to take off their heavy winter clothing and take on light clothes instead. Then leather jackets will become popular among the fashion circle. Why? Because it looks elegant, cool, stylish and luxurious, which can meet our demands for fashion  easily. A person wearing leather jacket must have a good taste as well as some money.(Here doesn’t include some people that wear fake leather jackets as they just want to follow the trend and pretend to be rich.) However, have you ever found that the main colors of leather jackets are black, brown, navy blue, blackish green etc. such deep colors? It seems there are no other novel colors of leather jackets in the street. How monotonous it will be to see the similar colors of one kind of product, no matter how different their styles are!

Fortunately, there are always some corporations committed to innovation and originality, which can bring us novel and distinctive works. CWMALLS COMMODITY is just one of it. It has launched a new white leather jacket recently, which is high-end and classy. You can refer to these pictures.


It is made from Australian genuine lambskin leather, which is so soft that it can fit your figure perfectly. Its style is simple fashion casual, which doesn’t have much decoration but still looks succinct and generous. Three zipped pockets can protect your privacy well. Two long sleeves with YKK zip cuffs are also consistent of the whole style. More importantly, it is limited edition, which means CWMALLS manufactures it limitedly and only a few lucky people can get access to it. Besides, for those who make an order successfully, they will have the right to get customized. Sounds very high-end and attractive, doesn’t it? If you want to be distinctive from ordinary leather jacket wearers, don’t hesitate to place an order. A few seconds of hesitation will make you miss such unique leather jacket forever. More details of this leather jacket and more commodities can refer to CWMALLS COMMODITY (


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