Another fashion——Camo cargo pants

To look fashionable, is it better to wear skinny jeans or cargo pants? Undoubtedly, skinny jeans can fit your legs perfectly. But if your figure is not so good, the skinny jeans will expose the disadvantages of your legs’ length and shape relentlessly. While cargo pants are suitable to all kinds of leg shapes and can make your body proportion seem reasonable if choosing a proper size. If you want to learn how to wear the slouchy pants, you can just click this sentence to read another article. Here I’d like to share other things with you.

As you know, cargo pants consist of many types. The normal and universal form is pure-color pants, which seems a bit drab and boring.“Camo is a forever classic style of garments,” said Mr. Graham, who styles cargo pants for CWMALLS COMMODITY. “It also has diverse forms, each one has its own unique feeling and utility.”


Just as the above pictures show, the first kind is more suitable to wear in the wild for its army green is the nearest color to the color of plants. The latter of the first line may be closer to the uniform of land army in some countries, which is popular with those who have a dream of being a soldier. The first one of the second line seeming to have a lot of clouds on it is similar to the uniform of air force in some areas. The last one has the least color contrast between itself, which is suitable to wear in desert. Of course, what are said above is according to the utility of camouflage. You can choose whatever you like. As for clothes matching, a pure-color T-shirt is enough and perfect. Such a set will show your masculine adequately.

Another highlight of this series of camo cargo pants is its multiple pockets. It has eight large pockets each, which is able to meet the demand of carrying many things with you. What’s more, it’s not easy to be perceived of that. Additionally, six of them have buttons in case of safety.


Actually, you don’t need to concern whether you’ll be fatter in this cargo pants because it can be used for camouflage, which means it enables to hide your fatness and give others illusions. A pair of camo cargo pants is necessary for every man under certain circumstances, so what are you still waiting for? More details of camo cargo pants and other commodities can refer to CWMALLS COMMODITY (


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