Pay attention to your appearance from your dress shoes

Do you have such a mindset about dress shoes that only women need to wear diverse and beautiful dress shoes while men’s style of dress shoes is not necessary to be distinctive? If you do think so, you may lack the pursuit of fashion to some extent. Actually, men’s appearance is as important as women’s, which is directly related to your impressions given to others. Therefore, men should pay attention to your dressing from now on. Here I would like to talk about dress shoes with you.

Paul Andrew, an English footwear designer, believes that a new breed of men’s shoe is centered on a modern, comfortable approach to footwear that is neither too splashy nor too staid.“ I don’t want a super-classic shoe, and I don’t want a tricky shoe with studs and wacky embroidery. I just want a beautiful toe shape on a construction that’s easy and wearable, and simultaneously has a modern look and doesn’t look too old man,”he explained. His ideas are consistent with Mr. Lagerfeld’s, who is the designer of CWMALLS COMMODITY ’s men’s dress shoes series. Mr. Lagerfeld has recently designed a series of dress shoes based on this idea. Among this series, a pair of laser-cut pointed toe dress shoes is the most outstanding. You can look at the following pictures. It is made from


natural and premium calfskin leather, which has quality assurance. In addition, have you found that there is a pattern on each shoe’s toe? That pattern is laser-cut, which is of high technology and can make patterns more smooth, subtle and exquisite. It adds elegance, luxury and fashion to the dress shoe. More significantly, this dress shoes have applied for design patents, meaning that they are originally designed and unique. If you want to be distinctive from others, you shall not miss this dress shoes. More details of dress shoes can refer to CWMALLS COMMODITY (


Written by Lydia

Freelance writer, columnist

May 10, 2016


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