The mystery behind the camoflage

Camouflage clothing is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the military or in hunting, and can be traced back in Scotland “Ghillie Suit”, it was originally one kind of disguise utensils used by the hunter and was first invented to keep you disguised from your target, mainly used in hidden in the jungle. And it wasn’t well known for folks until World War II where soldiers began wearing camouflage uniforms. But now, camo clothing becomes more and more popular among most of all age groups and becomes very general around the world.

When it comes to camouflage, a lot of people generally would call to mind some clothing such as traditional camouflage suits, pants or jackets with popular green or black color, but this camo bomber jacket I recommend is completely different from traditional camo jackets. This camo jacket is one of the new original design products of CWMALLS COMMODITY, which is the combination of innovation, mode, stylish with natural, original material. This designer aviator jacket for men featuring with simple and unique all-over camouflage prints, makes the jacket more stylish and handsome, used top-notch of materials with roomy flap pockets, keep you toasty all winter long.


See? Is that cool? Its creative design idea is based on the elements of vogue, distinctive, casual and it has its own design patent, made of natural sheepskin with fur shearling imported from Denmark. It is warm, thick, comfy and supple and has exquisite workmanship: computerized pattern making, delicate cutting and stitching, simply beautiful shape and it is definitely durable and sturdy. Are you rocked? Don’t hesitate and just go for it, surely you won’t regret about it. More details of camo jackets and more commodities please refer to CWMALLS COMMODITY (


Written by Iris

Freelance writer, columnist

May 11, 2016


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