An investment in sheepskin coats for yourself

Do you still prefer down jackets in the cold winter? Of course, down jacket is easy to wear and also warm enough. However, it may looks a bit bloated when you are in it. Therefore, why not try another type of clothes, such as sheepskin coats? A sheepskin coat can not only keep you warm in the chillest days, but also make you slim when you wear it. Besides, shearling coats are stylish and popular all the time, which can never be out of date.

“It’s a guy’s guy kind of material,” said Frederik Dyhr, the vice president of men’s design at 91-year-old British brand Belstaff. “Shearling offers a way for guys to wear a more luxurious material that doesn’t feel precious.” Mr. Dyhr believes a shearling can take you through both elegant and more off-duty occasions. And with the multitude of options this season, many men can surely find a shearling to suit their style. Thus, why don’t you select a shearling sheepskin coat according to your own style?

CWMALLS COMMODITY, a shopping site committed to original design and high quality, has launched a series of sheepskin coats recently. Here I’d like to take one for example.

sheepskin-coat-for-menMen black sheepskin coatblack-sheepskin-coatBlack Fur Shearling Sheepskin Coat

This black fur shearling sheepskin coat is made from Australian ecological sheepskin fur shearling material, which combines the best features of leather, fur and wool into one unbeatable garment. The sewing is very smooth. Obviously, it is able to protect you from wind and coldness. More significantly, it looks quite elegant and luxurious, which can show your status adequately. Of course, a sheepskin coat of high quality can cost thousands of dollars. But you can view it as an investment for yourself, just as a great general must have a set of advanced armor. And you will be benefited from it definitely later on. So please don’t hesitate to buy one as an investment. More details and sheepskin coats can refer to



Freelance writer, columnist

May 17, 2016


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