Quilted leather jackets——a new concept of leather jackets

Having followed the fashion trend of black leather jackets for many years, Mr. John Lagerfeld, signed designer of CWMALLS COMMODITY, decided to bring up a brand-new idea of leather jackets to both related industry personage and customers. Before introducing his opus, let’s look back on some classic leather jackets first.


When it comes to black leather jackets, I can’t help thinking of those classic movie characters. There is no denying the fact that a black leather jacket makes them seem much cooler and contributes to the shaping of their characters. However, have you been tired after watching too many black leather jackets which have a general resemblance with minor differences? Anyhow, I’m already weary of it. Of course, a large amount of people still favor this classic style, or there weren’t so many people keeping a close eye on the event of “Harrison Ford Is Auctioning off His Han Solo Leather Jacket” earlier. Han Solo’s leather jacket is definitely a symbol of him in the Star Wars movies, which is pretty cool and unforgettable. But what we wear in the real life ought to be something distinctive from that in movies, that is, we should try to find our own style that suits ourselves best rather than follow the trend blindly.

Now I’d like to share Mr. John Lagerfeld’s latest work with you. It’s a white quilted leather jacket abandoning the traditional designs of pure color and one whole piece of leather.


As you can see from the pictures, the sheepskin leather shell is made up of quantities of small irregular figure pieces. What is amazing is that it’s symmetric on the back, which has a high demand of cutting and processing technology as well as exquisite craftsmanship. Thus CWMALLS COMMODITY adopts nano technology, laser cutting and unique workmanship to manufacture it. In addition, the collar, cuffs and hem are all knit ribbed, which are elastic and can fit your body better. Comparing to the ordinary leather jackets, the unique knit rib design will make it more stylish and more comfy to wear. Such an extraordinary leather jacket deserves every outstanding person to possess. CWMALLS is attempting to sponsor Bruno Mars with this jacket recently because his characteristics of not sticking to one pattern and brave to innovate are consistent with the core concepts of CWMALLS. Hope both of them can find their own way and achieve a great success. If you are expected to challenge yourself and have a try like them, you can just refer to this site. More options are also available to you. A new attempt, a better life!



Freelance writer, columnist


June 2, 2016


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