The importance of a shearling coat

As a latest research shows, from the beginning of this century, American’s gap of life span between the rich and the poor is enlarging day by day. The life span of the top 5% income people has increased 2 years averagely during 15 years, while that of the bottom 5% income people almost remains the same.

It is reported that a report in the newest issue of “Journal of the American Medical Association”has analyzed the records of American’s birth and death during 2001 to 2014, discovering that the big contrast between the rich and the poor is in direct relation to the gap of life span, especially between the richest and the poorest.

Besides, it is discovered that the men of top 1% income in America can live 14.6 years longer than that of the bottom 1% income. And the life span of the men of bottom 1% income is nearly equal to those in developing countries such as Sudan and Pakistan. What a pity that people in the same country are living quite differently from one another !



As is known to all, clothing, food, housing and transportation are the four basic necessities of life, and the quality of them directly decides the quality of life even the life span. Suppose that you are available to a warm sheepskin shearling coat with raccoon fur trim and it can fit your body perfectly as well as keep you warm and dry in a wide variety of climates, will you be afraid of coldness in winter? Of course not. Additionally, it is breathable as well as fashionable ,and not easy to be defiled which means you can wear it even for the whole winter without washing! It’s just a joke, but it can really last for decades if properly cared for.

High quality and luxurious appearance make the perfect coat and a better life. More details and goods can refer to CWMALLS COMMODITY, which is devoted to the idea of “Created intelligently in China and shared widely around the world”.



Freelance writer, columnist

June 3, 2016


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