A vintage sheepskin fur coat in new times

Today I would like to talk about “vintage fashion” with you. First of all, what’s on earth the definition of “vintage” ? Some think it’s just the new use of old goods, some believe it’s the imitation of old styles, others hold the view that when designers can’t bring up more new ideas they will look back on the old ones and then make some innovation appropriately, and that’s “vintage”. We are not able to say these ideas are wrong, actually they’re right to some degree. From my perspective, “vintage” is the revival of old fashion. Maybe the appearance is similar to the old ones but the entity can be quite different. Just like this hooded sheepskin shearling fur coat, which seems classic and vintage, doesn’t it?


However, its materials as well as techniques are much more advanced than ever before. The sheepskin shearling materials are imported from Australia, which are original ecology, breathable and skin-friendly without any peculiar smell. Besides, it has a big collar opening as well as a removable hat that is multi-functional. When in cold windy days, the both together can protect your neck and head pretty warm. Then have you noticed the double breast button? It’s not the ordinary button, instead it adopts leather buckle which feels nice and greatly increases the longevity. In addition, the back opening design makes it uneasy to wrinkle whatever the sitting posture is. All the details are made by exquisite sewing technology and neat lines, which can not be realized in the past.

Amy M. Spindler, style editor of the New York Times Magazine, once wrote: “Whoever has been in the fashion world for more than 5 years, will feel the reincarnation of fashion, like drowning people to recall the scenes of life.” Therefore, “vintage fashion” is an inevitable tendency in the fashion world. What differs is that it can be more technological and personalized. After all, what we pursue nowadays is not only the appearance but also the connotation and quality.



Freelance writer, columnist


June 8, 2016


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