A preference for leather backpacks

Nowadays more and more people prefer backpacks to handbags when they go out, why? Mostly because their hands can be available to many other things in this way. Just as someone said: “It frees the hands and arms for more important things, like searching for a bus token, pointing to a good buy in a store window or hugging a friend.” What’s more, backpacks can disperse the load to your both shoulders, unlike the handbags which concentrate the whole load  only on your one hand. That is, backpacks would make you more relaxed especially in a long journey.

Along with the enlargement of the application of backpacks, their materials as well as designs are much more diverse now. For the sake of durability and fashion appearance, leather is adopted for backpacks more frequently. Just like this woven leather backpack, it’s made from natural genuine full grain calfskin leather imported from Netherlands, which is ecological and soft.


What you notice at the first sight of it might be the allover woven on the front. Actually, it’s the highlight of this backpack. The woven has a high demand of craftsmanship including standardization, exquisiteness and delicacy. In addition, the buckle strap in the middle is also a unique feature. Please not be cheated by the complex appearance, it’s just a flap closure that is very convenient for you to use. The inside is quite roomy and has several multifunctional pockets. A laptop can also be put into it, making the backpack helpful for work. Besides, the breathable material on the back is to be appreciated as well. It’s able to keep your back dry when you sweat in hot days. As you can see, the every small design of the backpack pursues originality, perfection and the combination of artistry and technology, which merely wants to offer consumers the best products and experience. That’s the spirit of CWMALLS COMMODITY. Now haven’t you been attracted by this fantastic leather backpack?



Freelance writer, columnist


June 15, 2016


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