An upgraded version of sheepskin shearling coats


As is shown in the picture above, men’s sheepskin shearling coats in CWMALLS COMMODITY have been upgraded continuously. It is known to all that innovation is always the power of proceeding no matter for a corporation or an industry. Especially for the apparel industry, what we do is all for the demands of consumers. However, the preference of consumers varies not only from year to year but also from person to person. Thus variety and upgrade of our products are of great importance.

As you can see in the top row in the picture, the second coat from left has a longer raccoon fur trimmed collar than the first one, which extends to the bottom and seems more noble and luxury. Similar upgrade is made to the below line. Then the change from collar to hood is inevitable. Despite the specific designer details on each coat, their lining is all lamb fur shearling together with imported natural sheepskin leather shell, which is called “ 2in1 ”. The two hooded coats are different mostly in the lining of hood in the aspect of materials. The hood of brown one is lined with lamb fur shearling while the black one is lined with raccoon fur which is distinctive from the ordinary hood of coats. There is no doubt that raccoon fur is warmer and more sumptuous than the short lamb fur. It can protect your head perfectly from all sides of the cold wind.  You can even go to the Antarctic Pole with such a hooded coat.


The fashion tag has introduced four hottest coat styles for men in 2015 winter, including classic coats, the duffle coats, the parkas and fur coats. As an upgraded version of sheepskin shearling coats combining various good elements, I’m sure this coat will be the trend of fashion in 2016 winter especially in upper class.



Freelance writer, columnist

June 22, 2016


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