Woven Leather Loafers —— The Art of Walking

Speaking of art, do you think of some famous paintings, sculptures and architectures at the first time? Yes, that’s what the majority of people will do. But have you ever thought what you wear every day can also become an art? Nowadays the aims of our selection of dress are not only comfort and  practicability but also beauty, personality, even artistry. Actually, art has turned into an attitude toward life.
Mr. Lagerfeld, designer of leather loafers series of CWMALLS COMMODITY, has launched two kinds of men’s woven leather loafers recently. The following pictures are his manuscripts.

They are both made of hand woven, which has a high demand of craftsmanship and carefulness. Let’s look at the material objects now.


The first kind is made of pure-color woven, which seems comparatively  plain. However, it has a sense of hierarchy with the large or small rectangles, making it different from other ordinary woven shoes. The second type is pretty colorful, doesn’t it? It can give everyone a visual impact at the first sight. Then you may be surprised by its complex and exquisite workmanship. In addition, it adopts the classic lace-up design, making it more fitted to wear. To some extent, it seems just like a sandal because it has a lot of interspace, which is very breathable and cool to wear. What’s more, it’s unnecessary to concern about the comfort of them. They employ flat rubber outsoles, which are as lithe as the photos show.


To show your fashion taste, you’d better not wear socks when wearing these loafers. Also rolling up your trousers a little and baring your ankles could be much better. After my introduction of the woven leather loafers, have you formed a new concept of dressing and art? If not, you can just try one of them and experience it in person. Believe me, it will not let you down.



Freelance writer, columnist


June 29, 2016


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