A black-and-white boot beyond imagination

Which two colors in your opinion are the most matched or the most compatible when put together? From my point of view, they are black and white. Maybe the majority of you will agree with me. Black is the darkest color while white is the brightest one, which are two extremes of color. The more contrastive they are, the more inseparable they will be. Therefore, countless things in our life are made up of these two colors especially in garment area. Nevertheless, black-and-white leather shoes are seldom found not to mention such leather boots. Here I’d like to introduce a black-and-white leather short boot to you and freshen your eyes.


Now you can refer to the above picture, what’s your first impression of it? Quite obvious black and white contrast heaves in sight, right? Different from ordinary zebra pattern that is alternate black and white, it’s divided into two parts where white is held essential with black as a supplement. Such primary and secondary designs are more artistic especially with the irregular curves. Then the shining metal pointed toe catches our eyes. This unique design makes the boot more noticeable and handsome. Accompanying the metal toe, there are metal decorations along the curve, making the whole boot more magnificent and coordinated. For easy putting on and taking off, it has a zipper on the side. Having learned about its design and appearance, you shouldn’t view it as merely a vase, namely, impractical. It can not only be a perfect choice for parties and balls but also be a wise option for daily wear. The high quality leather and sole will keep your feet comfy and dry after a whole day’s walking. Reading here, have you been appealed to it?

Vikrmn, an Indian writer, once wrote in his work, “The most colorful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all.” Actually in the eyes of many people, black and white are not as simple as they seem to be, which depends on your aesthetic and ideology. So does the boot.



Freelance writer, columnist


July 8, 2016


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