Afraid of new “Ice Age” ? CWMALLS is with you

Today I would like to say something about “Ice Age” to you all. At the beginning, I’m wondering how much you have learned about “Ice Age”. Maybe many of you especially the young learned or paid attention to this concept from some popular movies such as Ice Age, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012: Ice Age, etc. Or perhaps you were already aware of it either by history and geography classes or reading relevant books on your own. No matter in which way you got it, you must regard it as a story that can merely happen in movies and history, that is, it’s far away from your real life. Unfortunately, a recent research indicates that as the solar activities decrease, the amount of sunspot is becoming less and less and then the earth is going to enter a new ice age for the lack of sunshine. CWMALLS has paid close attention to it. Some of you might not believe it and think it is sensational or exaggerated because it’s on weak ground and natural disasters are always hard to predict. I can sincerely understand this kind of opinions since nobody wants to be faced with such bad circumstances. What’s more, a more urgent and realistic problem we are confronted with is greenhouse effect, an event seemingly opposite to “Ice Age”. Actually, “Ice Age” is more likely to happen when the concentration of carbon dioxide is higher. It is known to all that the greenhouse effect has engendered glaciers melting and a rise in sea level, if there’s a sudden drop in temperature now whatever the cause is it will lead to an ice age where more glaciers exist. Believe it or not, scientists have brought up such a forecast and we should not ignore it.

Though the coming “Ice Age” will not be as cold as the situation where plenty of species would die out, it can be much chillier than normal. And then we will need more helpful clothing to help keep out the cold. Next it comes to the question that what kind of clothes on earth is the best choice. Nowadays quantities of clothes are made from synthetic materials rather than natural materials. No doubt they both have advantages as well as disadvantages, but natural materials are more intimate to human beings and of course can keep us warmer. Please imagine those animals that survived from “Ice Age”, each of them has thick skin and long hair to block the cold. Thus leather shearing jackets & coats can be a wise option for us. CWMALLS COMMODITY, a corporate devoted to original designed and handmade leather products, has launched its 2016 patented new product – 2in1 construction Sheepskin Shearling Jacket & Coat series in the light of “Ice Age”. This series of product is  all made from natural materials like genuine leather and fur, adding the unique handmade craftsmanship and custom service, so it will protect you from coldness perfectly. As for the introduction of specific products, please wait patiently and it’s coming soon! Or you are available to the official site of CWMALLS for reference.



Freelance writer, columnist

July 27, 2016


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