A Collection of Leather Jackets Quilted

If you are a faithful reader of me, you  must remember an article under the title of “Quilted leather jackets——a new concept of leather jackets”, in which I introduced an extraordinary white quilted leather jacket to you all. Recently, CWMALLS® has launched another series of black quilted leather jackets that I would like to share with you.

Men's balck quilted leather jackets

You may feel familiar with the first one as it’s the most classic style of quilted leather jackets whose pattern is rhombus. The other three pieces are definitely original and designer. Brand-new allover quilted patterns make them distinctive and appealing. Besides, I’m wondering whether you have noticed the collars, which don’t adopt traditional leather stand-up collars or turn-down collars but knitted rib collars, making the jackets look more concise and elegant. To match the knitted rib collar, the cuffs as well as the hem also adopt knitted rib design, leaving us an impression of harmonization and unification. Actually not only the unique patterns but also the exquisite workmanship are admirable. They have a high demand of technology in the manufacturing process so they cannot be offered custom service temporarily. However, they can still fit the ordinary figures, thus don’t be afraid of unfitness when you adore either of them.

Men's leather jackets quilted

As to the dress matching, you are able to refer to the models in the above pictures. A T- shirt, a shirt or even a vest inside may be perfect. You’d better not wear several clothes in it as there is one rule when wearing quilted leather jackets: wear only one piece in this material if you don’t want to look like Michelin Man. And it will be more manly if the zipper stays open. Of course you have the rights to wear according to your own taste and make it more personalized.

If you read here, you cannot deny the fact that you are interested in them. No matter what kind of quilted leather jackets you like, classic or novel, CWMALLS® can satisfy you. Therefore, if you have a complex of quilted leather jackets especially black ones, please do not hesitate to come to this site.



Freelance writer, columnist


Aug 3, 2016


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