Sheepskin Fur Coats for Ice Age

Are you still waiting for the continuation of the “Ice Age” blog? Don’t worry, here comes the second part of it —— the specific introductions of the “Ice Age” series of CWMALLS® 2in1 Construction Sheepskin Fur Coats.

1.Raccoon Fur Lined Sheepskin Coat CW836059


The natural sheepskin leather shell is imported from Australia, which together with the Canada imported raccoon fur make up of this 2in1 construction sheepskin fur coat. The large and supple raccoon fur collar gives you the most intimate guard in the cold wind, which is even more effective than a scarf. Besides, the dense and soft raccoon fur body lining will surround you with an extreme warmth. What is not visible is the shearling lining in the sleeves. Shearling is a bit shorter than raccoon fur, making your arms move more freely, however, without any decrease in warmth. Please note that there are no patterns on this coat as the tenet of it is simple luxury. It is available in black and wine.

2.Croc Embossed Shearling Fur Trench Coat CW836058


This coat differs from the first one mainly in two respects. On the one hand, it is lined all with shearling fur which is shorter and not easy to be tousy. On the other hand, the leather shell is covered with crocodile embossed patterns. As is known to all, crocodile is a fierce animal and it can let human beings fear. Thus this coat gives people an impression of power and domineering, which shows manly charms perfectly. To be more stereo, it adopts splicing workmanship to manufacture the shell. Have you been affected by this diligent work now?

3.Croc Embossed Shearling Coat with Fur Hood CW836057


There are always some people fond of hooded coats and here comes the boon. The body of it is lined with shearling fur while the hood is lined with raccoon fur. You cannot imagine how thick the hood is until putting it on. You are even not able to hear clearly when burying your head in the hood. Embossed by crocodile patterns as well, it also has its unique glamour.

4.Raccoon Fur Trim Shearling Coat with Fur Hood CW836065


Not different from the last coat too much, it has a long raccoon fur trim at the front, seeming warmer and more luxury. The biggest difference is the patterns on the leather shell. This one is merely embossed on the sleeves and back strap rather than all over, which looks less strong and more graceful. Also available in wine and black. This two hooded coats are extremely warm and able to block the snowstorm in extreme climates as they can protect you all around from the top of your head.

After brief introductions of the four main products of this series, I’m wondering whether you have been appealed. Although they have diverse styles and characters, they can all meet the requirements of “Ice Age”. Made from natural materials, they are the best choice from the other kinds of garments to help survive from such natural disasters as ice age. So what are you still waiting for? Take action immediately and save against a rainy day! (To be continued.)



Freelance writer, columnist

Aug 10, 2016


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