A preparation for school —— a leather backpack

As the date of new term approaches, have you been prepared for school? Unfortunately, even if your soul wouldn’t like to go to school , your body has to do so. At the beginning of a new term, you may find many classmates have changed a lot, including their hair style or color, their dressing style, their backpack and other items, even their skin color or figure. There can be several changes either external or internal, or maybe both. So what’s your opinions about these changes? Do they make them better or worse? The majority ought to be good, unless they encountered a poor technical barber, became fatter or suffered other bad things. Then I’d wonder how much you have changed or just remained the same. Well, a new term means a new start and something new should take place. Let’s start from the basic equipment like backpacks. Most of the backpacks seen on the campus are made from polyester, fabric, nylon and canvas. To be distinctive and personalized, why not try leather ones? Genuine leather backpacks are not only diverse and stylish, but also waterproof and texture-good. More importantly, it is more admirable to use them for journeys as they seem less like schoolbags. Here I’d love to introduce four leather backpacks to you, two for man and two for woman.

1.Men’s Classic Leather Backpack


Made from natural genuine full grain calfskin leather, it has a wonderful texture and sturdiness. The highlight of it is the front double buckle flap pockets, where you are able to put some small things such as mobile phone, wallet, pens, scratch pad and so on. It’s quite convenient and beneficial. And the symmetrical structure looks much coordinated. The tan color and watch strap design bring us to the classic style. A back zip pocket is secret and helpful sometimes.

2.Men’s Alligator Embossed Leather Backpack


Its materials are the same as the former one but it seems quite different, right? It’s because the leather is embossed by alligator patterns which are uneven and fractal. But if you look carefully, you can find the patterns are symmetrical actually. The whole style is so domineering and manly, which is perfect for man. Another thing deserves to mention is its padded back breathable design that is humanized and considerable enough for wearers, also gives you a better wearing experience.

3.Women’s Classic Leather Backpack


This backpack is similar to the first one in many aspects including the color, watch strap design, back zip pocket and inside design. However, it’s more elaborate and suitable for female. If possible, this two can be matched as a couple that are similar but each has its characteristics.

4.Women’s Embossed Leather Backpack


As you can see, crocodile embossed patterns don’t belong to men merely. Women can also be cool. But there are some differences definitely. This one looks milder and smoother. And the thin straps suit women more. The classic zipper closure satisfies those who have a preference for it.

Although I have divided the four backpacks into two categories, you can choose one discretionarily according to your own fancy. And more designer leather backpacks are available to you on this site. Just pick a new backpack and take on a new look to start your new term, surprises may happen.



Freelance writer, columnist


Aug 18, 2016


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