Wear in your own style of sheepskin coats

As autumn comes, winter is not far away from us now. To wear in our own style and show our own fashion in winter is not an easy thing. At first, you need to abandon your obese down jackets if you wouldn’t like to look like this.

Then which kind of winter clothing is worthy to recommend? Maybe sheepskin coat is a clever choice. Sheepskin coats are much thinner but as warm as down ones. They are more popular among fashion icons because they can be worn in different styles and matched with other accessories  at their pleasure more easily. Here I’d like to share three of them with you.


1. Grey Sheepskin Shearling Trench Coat


Without much decorations, it just has two buttons and two large patched pockets. The design concept of it is contracted beauty. Have you felt that? To be honest, I didn’t feel that at the first sight and thought how such a simple coat could be stylish. But when I saw the dressing effect of the model, I changed my mind. It can be so chic and attractive. Just like the white shirt which has no decorations at all, it’s still a must-have for each man. And the simpler a clothes is, the more tests the wearer will receive. That is, how the wearer shows his charm through so simple clothes, to own a good figure, to try a new way of wearing or match some extra accessories with it. Actually, it leaves you more room to wear in your own style.

2. Vintage Shearling Trench Coat


The vintage color of the sheepskin brings us back to the past. But it has developed on the original basis. The techniques to make it are more advanced and exquisite, thus making it a thinner, lighter and more breathable shearling coat. Retro doesn’t mean out of date, contrarily it can be more fashionable than else. If you wear it properly, you will feel the glamour of the combination of retro and fashion.

3. Brown Suede Shearling Hooded Coat


With a removable hood, it has more options for you to wear in fashion ways. If it’s not too cold, you can get rid of the hood and stay the coat open and play handsome. When it gets chilly, put on the hood, do up the buttons or turn up the collar, that’ll have a different kind of aroma. And the hooded design adds a youthful feeling to the coat, have you felt that?

After some brief introductions of sheepskin coats, you must have your own ideas about them at present. If you are interested in one of them, just click the links or refer to this site. I hope you can all spend a warm and stylish winter.



Freelance writer, columnist


Sept 20, 2016


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