Will La Nina come? A sheepskin coat is necessary anyway

Having suffered from El Nino in the past several months, we are now much likely to greet its sister —— La Nina. As is defined by NOAA, if the ocean’s temperature rises a half degree above normal, it is a strong sign of an El Nino. A half degree below normal suggests a La Nina, and anything in between is neutral. And a La Nina often, though not always, follows an El Nino. Climate models suggested the Pacific would continue to cool, and according to NOAA, there was a 75% chance of a La Nina forming by the end of this year. But recently NOAA has called off its La Nina watch, and evidence suggests conditions are weakening and returning to neutral. At the same time, not every meteorological agency seems to agree over whether there is a La Nina now, or whether we should be on the lookout for one. The Japan Meteorological Agency, for example, says La Nina is in effect and will continue through fall, and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, while agreeing with much of NOAA’s assessment, still has a watch in effect. When there is a stronger event, everyone will agree about it. Well, as nobody can determine or predict precisely how it will develop in the future, what we can do is just learning and paying attention to it. If necessary, some preventive measures should be taken.

Often, a climate change makes a difference to agriculture first. But that’s not what I want to talk about today as that’s not related to everyone directly. When the weather changes, what we all feel first is whether it gets colder or warmer. Especially in winter, weather will directly influence how thick clothes we would wear.
Nowadays cotton-padded clothes and down jackets are not welcomed by fashion icons any longer, while sheepskin coats or fur coats are more popular among them. With diverse types and styles, they can withstand different degrees of coldness. For men, if it’s extremely cold, such fur coats like the pictures show are admirable.

If it’s not too cold, those light and thin sheepskin shearling coats/jackets would be better. They are slim fitted and chic, which can show your glamour perfectly.

For women, those designer and stylish sheepskin and fur coats can meet your demands. With more styles offered, you must be able to find your favorite one.


All these sheepskin coats and fur coats are from CWMALLS COMMODITY that offers original and fashion garments for all of you. It is worth mentioning that it offers custom made service, which means each product can be made according to you and be a unique one. Therefore, no matter La Nina will come or not, preparing an exclusive winter coat for yourself is necessary. Don’t hesitate any more, just move your fingers and you can get one right away.



Freelance writer, columnist


Sept 28, 2016


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