Different reversible shearling coats as you can see

As it gets colder and colder, have you begun looking for the latest winter coats of this year? For fashion women, warmth may not be the most important thing of winter coats but stylishness is. However, I think the best occasion is that a coat is warm as well as stylish. Thus I wouldn’t like to talk about bloated down jackets here as I have found a much better choice —— shearling coats which are even reversible! Perhaps you are not unfamiliar with reversible coats, but you must not see such kinds before.


If you are not told in advance, you may not regard them as reversible ones. Now I’m going to make some detailed introductions to four of them.

1.Camouflage Reversible Shearling Coat


I know that many people have a preference for camouflage clothing, so do I. Hence when I saw it at the first sight, I fancied it spontaneously. The camouflage side is very cool while the other side is quite graceful. If you want to alternate a style suddenly, just turn it over rather than change for another coat. How convenient it is! And the exposed shearling collar as well as roll back shearling cuffs add more fashion sense to the coat.

2.Reversible Shearling Coat with Fox Fur Collar


If you expect to experience a large fur collar, this one can be a good selection. With a supple and luxury fox fur collar, it’s more elegant and extravagant. Like the above one, the two sides of the coat are totally different. And with a leather waist belt, your slim figure will show up. More fashion dressing ways are to be discovered by yourself.

3.Reversible Shearling Coat with Shawl Collar


This coat differs more from the previous two as it’s more youthful and also fits girls. A large shearling shawl collar and two patch pockets of it seem quite casual and unrestrained especially with the fresh and elegant overall tone. Its loose style will give you more comfort as well.

4.Reversible Shearling Collar with Stand Collar


One highlight of this coat is the shearling stand collar, which can protect your neck well in cold days without a scarf and at the same time add more elegance to the coat. Another bright spot is the artistic patterns on it. The original graceful curves reflect the design aesthetic of it and also show the wearer’s taste.

All these beautiful reversible shearling coats come from CWMALLS, an online brand of the leather fashion. Apart from the warmth and stylishness they can offer, there’s a secret about them, that is, if you wouldn’t like to wash it when it gets dirty, just turn it over and it will look like new again. Having shared so much, I’m going to choose one for myself then.



Freelance writer, columnist


Oct 13, 2016


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