Discovering more in original design

Original design, I bet you are not unfamiliar with this phrase which can be applied in every aspect of our life. Everything we use is designed originally except imitations from the appearance to the practicability. Original design is actually not so mysterious as you imagine, and it just comes from our actual needs in life. What it emphasizes is difference, so innovation and creation are inevitable. As a brand, it must be distinctive even unique from others if it desires to develop and gain much reputation. Although many businessmen know this, they are hard to achieve it because it requires a lot of cost, investment and painstaking efforts which may not gain equal returns. Thus imitating the existing brands and copying their designs are much easier to succeed. However, even if such business could gain success, it must be short-term and would be eliminated ruthlessly finally.

CWMALLS, an online garment brand devoted to original design and innovative design, specializes in various leather jackets/coats, leather shoes and leather bags. In order to offer consumers original and distinctive products, it invites designers from all over the world especially America and Europe. Though there are only minor differences between some products, it aims to provide more options to consumers in case they are unsatisfied with some details. Just as Charles Eames put it “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Each detail reflects the designer’s idea. But comparing with other brands, they are quite distinctive and several categories are really unique in the world. What’s more, some of the designs have applied for patent. It is worth mentioning that it offers custom made service of leather jackets/coats, which complements each other with original design as it can not only provide custom size but also change the details you request. It aims at offering consumers the best shopping experience and meeting their personalized requirements.


As a saying goes “Designs come from life”, original designers find the needs in life and then change them into designs to make life better. That’s what original design matters. Let’s support original design together and create a more beautiful life!



Freelance writer, columnist

Oct 22, 2016


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