Some tricks of social networking of CWMALLS

Online marketing has become a hot phrase since the ecommerce appeared, and with the development of internet and ecommerce, more and more marketing methods have appeared besides the traditional ones like SEM, SEO, email marketing and RSS feeds, such as social networking, blogging, online favorites and bookmarking. Among all these methods, social networking seems to be the hottest one at present, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and so on, because almost all internet users cannot leave social network today. Thus for ecommerce corporations, how to take advantage of social network is of great importance.

CWMALLS, an ecommerce corporation specializing in leather garments has spent a lot of time and energy in social networking and achieved a good result. Let’s take a brief look at it.

Firstly, it lays stress on wishlist and photo sharing at many sharing sites such as ShopYourWay, Listly, Addwish, Juxtapost, Gentlemint, Polyvore, RebelMouse, Pinterest, Flipboard and so on. Through adding product information at these site to publicize it to all online users who may see it and click to its site, and it proves to be effective.

Secondly, it has an official account on YouTube to upload short videos of its products irregularly to show its newest dynamic to all the YouTube users. Until now it has more than 1,800 subscribers and many people have watched its videos. It chooses this publicity method because people prefer to see photos and videos rather than words nowadays.

Thirdly, it doesn’t give up the classic text publicity. It launches news daily at its official site, Facebook and Google+, and updates blogs irregularly at many blog sites like WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs, etc. in order to tell everyone the latest and important things of it.

The key of social networking is to spread the information everywhere people can reach and choose the way they can accept easily. And don’t forget to communicate with them as interaction can show your glamour better and make the marketing more unperceivable.



Freelance writer, columnist

Dec 14,2016


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