Designer Leather Jackets Series for Men

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Spring Original Design Series – CWMALLS® Leather Jackets officially being launched globally for selling both online and offline. Creativity and works from global originality enthusiasts, which are catalyzed and promoted by CWMALLS Online Factory and Online Factory Store, show worldwide online shopping lovers, original design enthusiasts, fashion icons and web celebrities the most cross-boundary new species – CWMALLS® Leather Jackets that are combined with technology sense, artistry and intelligence in first time; internet genes, 3D design elements, fashionable color collocation, the golden ratio structure, pure natural, ecological materials, these features will inject otherworldly enjoyment of art into your year of 2017. Welcome all partners in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe to pay great attention and actively appreciate it! It will be more wonderful with action!
designer-leather-jacketsCWMALLS® Leather Jackets” is the latest witness of CWMALLS 2017 world’s online joint innovation, design and manufacture. This unusual cooperation and sharing mode opens up a whole industry chain incubator for every “genius” with dream and creativity, to make works turn into products and commodities, to produce values and keep innovation, and thus to form a sustainable virtuous circle. Therefore, from material, market evaluation, marketing in experiments and getting feedback, we finally make judgments by basic data and weather changes, and make the personalized, diverse, standardized, trendy and intelligent CWMALLS® Men’s Leather Jackets become the absolute protagonist during 2017 Spring. Standard “Pantone Color Card” makes color structure such as mysterious black, sexy red, charming blue, natural camo, and so on, become the popular colors of online design in 2017. Slim design, golden ratio, Cowboy Leather Jacket, Leather Shirt, Leather Biker Jacket, Leather Parka, etc., these beautiful styles will be your best choices for leisure activities, vocations, business, dating and travel. Breathable ecological sheepskin and goatskin become more skin-care, supple and fitter against the nano printing, and you can experience the charm of natural materials anytime! Sewing workmanship of one inch with ten needles, 0.65cm thick genuine leather and 230T polyester, they form up one and another style of heaven-made arts instantly; mobile, social and word-of-mouth global online shopping and sharing also make you enjoy the charm and strength of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY anytime and anywhere; premium goatskin, sheepskin and calfskin from the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil, going with networking design in Italy, France, the United States and China, brand the CWMALLS 2017 CWMALLS® Leather Jackets series with innovation, originality, exaggeration and popularity. Hope global old and new customers, clients can actively appreciate and experience it. There will be “Limited Edition” of “Custom Made” and “Personal Tailor” services if you register and order right now!


Jan 11, 2017


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