New Concepts of Designer Leather Backpacks

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 original designer, handmade series – Leather Backpack officially being launched for selling globally both online and offline; unique original design concept will make your travel, leisure activities, and vocations in 2017 full of poetry and sunshine. Extraordinary handcraft will inject unusual feeling and love into your visits, dating and gifts in 2017. The global networking joint innovation and design make exotic style, culture and history be the core elements of sharing. The research and development, and the standard of CWMALLS global network lab make technology sense, artistry and intelligence be the new symbols of every product. Welcome partners, adventurers and outdoors amateurs in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe to pay great attention, and to appreciate this great original work from CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex in 2017. There will be super surprise if you order online right now!


CWMALLS® Leather Backpack” is another original upgrading product in 2017 after upgrade Leather Jackets and Leather Shoes. Calfskin from the Netherlands, Bulgaria, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay, Canada or the United States is processed by printing, waxing, embossing and nano dyeing workmanship, 3D design, laser cutting, and 112 working procedures of craftsmanship in the sewing, what we show you is a colorful “masterpiece of art”. With versatility, wear-resisting, waterproof, environmental, texture, skin-care and natural features of function, this series of leather backpack are also your attitude to selection. Unique backpack construction is more qualified for the choice of people of different sexes and ages, super large and intelligent volume design is more like a storeroom with standard insurance cabinet. Folded and convenient design of various styles goes with mysterious black, low-profile brown, romantic red, generous white, charming orange, sexy woven and passionate embossed details, they form up the global unique “CWMALLS® Leather Backpack” series together, which will bring the brand new sensual experience for your, his, or her Valentines Gift in 2017, and the beautiful and quality life! Welcome worldwide originality amateurs, web celebrities, talents, fans, old and new customers, and clients to actively experience it! It will be more wonderful to browse, register, purchase, review and share on mobile!


Jan 12, 2017


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