Global Network Cooperation Star Project of CWMALLS

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Global Network Cooperation Star Project – “CWMALLS® Spark Action” officially being launched in 10 universities throughout the world. This is a brand new mobile micro business project, and also a sharing of improving self and win-win cooperation. With a more professional, concentrated, standard, and perfect cooperation concept and service concept, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY will carry out the sharing and cooperation with all kinds of elites. Let the boat of dream and entrepreneurship, and the ship of cooperation set sail inspirationally in CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 Global Network Cooperation Star Project. To be the most outstanding, to be the best to share everything with the world, and make the whole world become better and more wonderful with our existence!

“CWMALLS® Spark Action” is another upgrade work of our “Dandelion Plan”, and it the latest darling of mobile entrepreneurship, sharing and social life. There, we have carried out trials with 10 business universities(three in the Asia-Pacific, five in the North America, and 2 in Europe), and we have wide and deep cooperation in discovery, reserve, training, research and cooperation of talents, especially aimed at technical talents, develop talents, design talents, edit talents, promotion talents who are our main target persons to support and cooperate. At the same time, we also provide direct employment chances, international practice, communication, training for some outstanding talents; this is the best choice for fragmentation, personalization, liberalization, iterative, mobile, social, sharing and network era, and win-win for dream and reality, theory and practice, cooperation and sharing, mutual assistance and sublimation. Welcome college students from around the world to take active part in our “CWMALLS® Spark Action”. No limits to gender, race, religion, nationality or age, as long as you have dreams and great love, CWMALLS’s gate and CWMALLS COMMODITY’s stage will open for you; working together is better than being unparalleled in the world. Let us go heart to heart and hand in hand to spread our wings to fly for the same big dream. CWMALLS will be more wonderful with your participation!

“CWMALLS® Spark Action” is our daring vanguard to fully enter mobile cooperation, sharing and communication age. Also it is the new model of our global elite project, a single spark can start a prairie fire, let every excellent student bloom to be the most beautiful and wonderful self. Therefore, we work out detailed cooperation standard, training plan and assessment mechanism. Meanwhile, we will build global unified standard of value system to protect every innovator, actor, endeavor and dreamer. Original works, patented new products, innovative products also need every “star” to pass on, share, experience and upgrade, and make contributions to set up a more civilized, green, secure, faithful, sustainable new network environment and system. CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS COMMODITY set ourselves an example to others, with a pragmatic and open attitude, we are willing to carry out a seamless docking with worldwide college students who have dreams and pursuits; being brilliant, know-how, extraordinary, we hope you can become our dominant force to promote social progress together! Live for dreams and missions! The world is in front of us, and CWMALLS is just around you! Let’s go forward together! CWMALLS — the platform of dream, CWMALLS — the stage of entrepreneurship, CWMALLS —…


Jan 13, 2017


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