Videos-The best witness of CWMALLS

CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2017 global and networked modes of “new product”,“new retail”, “new manufacture”, “new ecology”, “new standard”, “new service” have officially been shown to the old and new clients, customers and fans all over the world as a stereo, multiplex and fantastic CWMALLS complex. This is a real revolution of innovative promotion, and an unusual revolution of sharing and experience. Dreams and missions of CWMALLS teams and CWMALLS people are being broadcast online synchronously around the world to let everyone learn and pay attention to our timely dynamic and share everything with others! CWMALLS people speak for their own dreams and missions, CWMALLS team speaks for change and innovation, CWMALLS complex speaks for execution and cooperation! “CWMALLS® Videos” will witness everything of us!

“CWMALLS® Videos” is an upgraded masterpiece after text sharing (Blog, News, Forum, Review, etc.) and photo sharing (Pinterest, Shopping, Instagram, Pictorials, etc.). It spreads the ideas of CWMALLS and CWMALLS COMMODITY’s dreams, missions, values, standards, ecology, science and technology, art and intelligence synchronously through lots of international platforms (YouTube, Pencil Tree, Myvi, Mouviz, Rocumentaries, Random Ted Talk, etc.). This is an upgrade which has the meaning of milestone in the growing history of CWMALLS, meanwhile it is the best witness of breaking through ourselves and challenging ourselves, it records everything and shares dribs and drabs of CWMALLS in ways of languages, actions, expressions, interactions and so on to show original “CWMALLS® Videos” to all of you. Therefore, our technology team, operation team, promotion team and product team are making overall upgrade to highlight the characteristics and be earnest and practical, aiming at sharing photos and texts of CWMALLS synchronously every day to satisfy the different personalities, hobbies and demands of old and new clients and consumers. “CWMALLS® Videos” is the new long march of CWMALLS people in 2017, the new direction of CWMALLS team in 2017 and the new goal of CWMALLS complex in 2017. The road is just under your feet and we are in the way of running, how about you? CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND will be more wonderful with your support!


Jan 18, 2017


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