The Upgrade of CWMALLS Jackets, Shoes and Bags

Warmly celebrate the success of formal overall upgrade of Leather Jackets Series, Leather Shoes Series and Leather Bags Series which are made together by CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND. Global networked united design, global networked united manufacture and global mobile shopping sharing help add special genes and missions to the integration of the Internet for CWMALLS® and CWMALLS COMMODITY™. Welcome all partners from all over the world to pay active attention and appreciate all products of CWMALLS 2016 original design and made to order series, it would be more wonderful if you browse, register, shop, review and share on the mobile!

CWMALLS Jacket, Shoes and Bag are the core products forged by CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex. From design, manufacture, promotion, sale, service to trademark and patent application, every link and process is conducted under the concepts of standardization, ecologicalization and value. Meanwhile we innovate on the basis of network, mobilization and individuation, make products on the basis of pure nature, original ecology and green environmental protection, and share everything synchronously with old and new customers, consumers, fans, fashion icons, web celebrities, famous people and elites from all walks of life around the world through,, and Unified standards, unified quality, unified price and unified service, wherever you are, there is network and there is CWMALLS, there is logistics and there is CWMALLS COMMODITY. This is the strength and mood of Leather Jacket, Leather Shoes and Leather Bag of CWMALLS® Series, this is the professional, dedicated and persistent craftsman spirits, dreams and missions of CWMALLS COMMODITY™. The networked ecological modes of original design, handicraft, made to order, personal tailor, wholesale and distribution will open new pages of quality, taste, life and work for you, me, him, her and it, please pay active attention to it! CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY and MWE FUND will be more wonderful with your support!


Jan 23, 2017


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