Standardization, valuation and ecologization of CWMALLS

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY, MWE FUND successfully launching the overall innovative upgrade. This is a super banquet of global online shopping standardization, valuation and ecologization, and also a carnival of global mobile full enjoyment, experience, interconnection and communication. The world-class network wisdom goes with the world-class centenary traditional culture and craftsmanship, they show an upgrade play together. and make everything standardized, valuable, and ecological, also networked, mobile and personalized. Welcome new media, online media, independent commentator and scientific research institutions all around the world to pay great attention to CWMALLS 2016 Global Networked Innovation, Upgrade Series. Its brilliance is just the world’s splendidness!

“CWMALLS Standardization, Valuation, Ecologization” is the important constituent part of Great CWMALLS Strategy. It continues from the above and introduces the following, and it run through the whole core concept, and with the common efforts of CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team and CWMALLS complex, and the networked, technological, and intelligent innovative attitude, we combine all resources to optimize and upgrade, so that to make it form up the ecological virtuous circle with the basic value that 1+1>2. Therefore, we work out and implement systematic standardization by stages during the whole year of 2016, we take digitization as the center of everything and take natural law as the criterion everything, to convey for the whole industry chain of comprehensive operation, management, service and innovation, and also we make out corresponding standard, these are our core values. Meanwhile, our three centers, Asia Pacific Center, North America Center and Europe Center, are carrying out overall networked upgrade for the cooperation with partners from all walks of life, so that to continually create more values and services for you, and let you appreciate and share a unique CWMALLS, an extraordinary CWMALLS COMMODITY, and a secure and stable MWE FUND! This is the whole of CWMALLS 2016 Innovation, Upgrade Series, this is the foundation of CWMALLS 2017 Innovation and Development. We are always on the way, we are always sharing, where are you?


Feb 3, 2017


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